My Counsellor is very patient. She hears everything and suggests appropriate advice. The advice given by her is valuable.


The therapist had patience. She was able to understand the issue and guided me as well

 Rohini Ma’am is very empathetic and helpful to get over difficult times. Thanks for being supportive and patiently listening to the hardships.


Rohini was helpful and very empathetic. She has patience.


Rohini was a great listener and found very empathetic. Her words comforted me a lot and mean a lot in the first session itself.

These sessions help me in letting out bottled-up thoughts and feel calmer

 The counselor was a good listener and gave me enough time to share the challenges I was going through. Very supportive and helping me find out the underlying causes(s) myself. Overall, I was happy with the session and thanked the counselor for her support

My counselor is extremely helpful and empathetic.

The sessions are turning out to be very helpful. The assigned counselor is very excellent and helpful. The counseling session has been an immense help and I can look forward with clarity, hope, and determination, all thanks to my counselor.

Thank you so very much for the support & guidance. It helped me a lot to understand myself better.